Pioneer Digital: Your Content Management Expert

At Pioneer Digital, we offer our clients a wide variety of Content Management Systems and provide extensive, comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for Content Management in Dubai. The CMS from us offers complete control over your website content and images’ management. With our CMS you get a dynamic and rich content site that attracts visitors.

Some popular CMS frameworks to help you build a custom content management system such as Word Press, Joomla, Modx, Drupal, Typo3 Development and many more help you get the best website that you ever desired. Besides reducing the cost of implementation, these popular CMS frameworks give a great functionality to manage content as well as web pages with little to no efforts.

Our company offers our customers a choice between Standard Open Source CMS Solution and Professional CMS Solution – depending upon the requirement they can opt the one that suits them the best. Businesses that have a complex process opt for Professional CMS solution. On the other hand, Standard CMS system is an extensive content management that provides control over website content & images and has become popular these days.

Key Features of Our CMS System:

The CMS from our company uses web based content creation and modification. Nonetheless, our CMS has unlimited sections, categories and sub-categories that are useful for organising content effectively. Our browser based content creation and modification is best for your website and it also helps users manage the media items like images in folders.

Additionally, our user and group management will provide you with facilities for website administration. Supporting multiple languages and additional components like news, polls, link directory for enhanced functionality, our CMS is all set to make great inroads for clients’ business.

Other key feature of our CMS system includes extensive reports to measure the content’s popularity. Also, our professionals use extensive “Meta Data” support to facilitate complex associations and classifications. Nonetheless, our cross website syndication through the use of RSS technology to pull and push content with partner websites and applications is considered another attractive feature.

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